Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Christmas Time Has Come and Gone

A short month after we moved we had a quiet Christmas in our new home. I have come to enjoy all the fun traditions that our small family has continued and the new ones we have created.

Olivia is now old enough to really know what is going on during the Christmas season. We had a lot of fun teaching her about Santa, Reindeer and all the fun things that children dream about all year long.  We also took advantage of teaching her the true meaning of Christmas. She would constantly ask me to retell the story of Christ's birth or have me quiz her on who came to visit him and how they knew he was there.
Olivia was so excited to meet Santa. CC loved him more from a distance than up close.


We made lots of cookies!

Our traditionally Christmas Eve fondue

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thanksgiving with Friends

This last thanksgiving was spent in a hotel, but before we took off a bunch of friends got together and made our thanksgiving extra special.

We all got together on a Monday night for a joint Family Home Evening. We did a potluck with yummy yummy thanksgiving food. The Tillmans were the amazing hosts and the Alonzos helped set everything up. We were so grateful for that evening since it became our Thanksgiving.

As the night wound down we each took time to share what each family was grateful for. I sat there as our children ran around playing with friends and listening to all the wonderful blessings everyone felt they had and just cried. I knew that these friend were going to be once in a lifetime and I was so sad to be moving the next week.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quick Re-cap

Due to traveling, sicknesses, and preparing to move, I have fallen behind on this blog. Here is a quick re-cap of a few things we have been up to (minus a few key events).

We had a blast celebrating our country's birthday.
Olivia started Ballet this year and couldn't get enough of it. I won't go as far as to say we have a star in the making but she loved being able to move her little body around and making new friends.

We sold our yellow focus. To this day Olivia will remind me how much she misses "Daddy's yellow car" every time she sees on that looks similar.

We spent as much time with friends as we could.
 We visited San Diego and was able to experience the Mormon Battalion Museum.

Halloween is quickly becoming my most loved and hated holidays of the year. This year Olivia was a chicken, CC was a sheep and Dallin and I were farmers.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Olivia Turns Three

We celebrated Olivia's birthday a little late this year. We did a small party at home with just our family. She had so much fun being the focus and talking about her birthday.


We then celebrated with family and friends a little later  in the month. She talked about it for weeks and weeks. She was so excited to just play with friends and have fun.



Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us. Olivia felt pretty loved.
Now on to "Thank-you Notes".

Thursday, July 25, 2013

1st Dentist Visit

Olivia had her first dentist visit and she did great. We talked about the dentist a little bit the night before and told her what the dentist would be doing when we went. Luckily for us our dentist is a really good friend of ours and Olivia was very excited just to be able to see him.

We showed up and Olivia was able to sit next to me while I had my cleaning first. She quickly got up and held my hand and told me not to be scared and that it would only hurt a little bit. It was pretty cute.

It was then her turn and she did amazing. She wasn't scared at all and was super excited to get a new toothbrush at the end.

This was after she was all done. She was so proud of herself and wanted to show me her clean teeth.

When we got home she quickly explained to CC that she couldn't touch her teeth because she just had them cleaned and didn't want her to get them dirty.

We were proud of our brave little girl.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beard or No Beard, You Decide...

Recently Dallin got tired of shaving and decided to grow a beard. I have been asking him to do this basically since the day we got married. He had a few moments in college when he built houses that he would grow a little here or there, but had to shave as soon as school started back up. This time he really let it grow.

I loved it!!

The day he decided to shave again was a sad day in our house. I trained Olivia to tell Daddy how sad she would be if he shaved his beard off. Eventually that day did come though.

After he shaved he came out to talk to me. I was bugged and wouldn't even look at him. When I finally did I saw this. Can you say, "Creepy!"

Now you be the judge..