Friday, January 18, 2008

Meet Dallin Sauser, My Husband

1.What is your husbands full name? Dallin Brent Sauser
2. How long have you been together as a couple? 1 year and 3 months
3. How long did you date? 3 months before we were engaged
4. How old is he? 23
5. Who eats more? Dallin, by far
6. Who said I love you first? Dallin
7. Who is taller? He is 6'1" and I am 5'5"
8. Who sings better? Umm, not sure, we both have our moments
9. Who gets their own way most often? Me, but not as often as I would like
10. Who does the laundry? We both do (with my encouragement)
11. Who does the dishes? Usually me
12. Who sleeps on the left side of the bed? If you are laying down in the bed, then me, if you are standing facing the bed, then Dallin.
13. Who pays the bills? I do
14. Who mows the lawn? If and when we have a lawn to mow I am sure we will share the responsibility
15. Who cooks dinner? Mostly me, but Dallin's a great cook too!
16. Who drives when you are together? Almost always Dallin
17. Who is more stubborn? I am, but he does have his moments
18. Who is first to admit when they are wrong? Dallin used to, but it has been me lately
19. Whose parents do you see more? I don't think we see either of them enough (they only live 5 minutes from each other, so we see them pretty equally)
20. Who proposed? Dallin. When he finally got ahold of my dad to ask him permission they were on our steep roof acting like they were trimming tree branches. Dallin claims he was more scare of falling off then he was of my dad. That night he took me to the board walk at Disney and asked me why I love him. He then told me all the things he loves about me and got down on one knee to pop the question.
21. Who is more sensitive? I am
22. Who has more friends? Ummm, we are both pretty friendless right now.
23. Who has more siblings? Me, with 4 brothers, Dallin has 2 brothers and a twin sister.
24. Where did you meet? Our first official meeting was in my home ward (which his parents moved into while he was on his mission), but neither of us was really interested until he tracked me down here in Rexburg.
25. Where was your first kiss? Outside my apartment
26. What was the first thing you said to him? I asked him what he thought of BYU-I
27. Where was your first date? It depends on who you ask
28. Where did you get engaged? see question 20
29. Where did you go on your honeymoon? Florida Keys
30. If you could change anything about it what would it have been? I wish we would have stayed in only one hotel opposed to traveling to many different ones on different islands.
31. Who wears the pants in your marriage? We share them