Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ignorance Isn't Always Bliss

This week Dallin and I fought, what my mom would call a "battle". Many may know about Proposition 8. It is a proposition that proposes that "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California." Many of you may or may not know, however, that The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has asked all its members to donate of their time and efforts to do everything possible to help this proposition to pass. Read more here. On Sunday we were all offered signs to post in our yard or in our case on our balcony or in our window. That afternoon I went home, put the sign on the balcony and didn't think of it again until Tuesday evening. That evening Dallin and I received a knock on our door from our apartment manager telling us that we were not allowed to have the sign up. When asked why he responded "I'm not going to get into that right now, but it is in your lease." He would not give us a straight answer and acted as though we had no right to question him. I asked a few more questions and received similar responses. We chose to pull the sign down until we read through our lease. As soon as he left I pulled out our copy of the lease and to my amazement found nothing regarding posting a sign of any kind. I was of course upset and even felt a bit attacked.
The next day as soon as I got home from work, I gave him a call to ask him where is states in our lease that we can not post any type of sign. After searching for a full five minutes he finally responded with "Well, the closest thing that relates to it is the section that says we are not to harass, annoy or endanger any residents of the complex." My immediate thoughts and my first response was, "So it doesn't specifically state that we are not to have a sign posted? And did anyone complain about the sign while it was up?" He told me know one has complained, but felt that it should be taken down and that he could decided what harassment was or was not. I was very offended by this, I had not knocked on anyones door or posted a inappropriate sign that would warrant me being accused of harassment. I felt that I had a right to freedom of speech, and I was being denied that right. I explained this to him, and after many moments of interruptions and bulling, I told him that I would like to speak to his supervisor and until he could prove that we signed a lease stating that we would be denied freedom of speech and the option to post a sign then we would be putting the sign back up. He then threatened me with a 3 day notice if he did see that sign and he would not give me any contact information for his supervisor because he "knew what they would say the same things". After some research and a few hundred phone calls to my parents, we found that he had no legal right to tell us to take the sign down. My mom even has some attorneys at her office do some research and they found a bill (AB 1525)that was passed in 2003 stating that it was unlawful and unconstitutional to prohibit residents of a common interest development (apartments/condos) the right to post signs, flags, or banners on or in an owner's separate interest area.
The next day Dallin got off work early and went to confront him about this and to tell him that we would be putting the sign back up. With no apology, the ignorant apt. manager stated that he spoke with the complexes attorneys and that there was nothing in the lease about signs and he couldn't legally ask us to take it down and that they would be adding it to the lease. Once it is added then we would receive notification that the sign is to be taken down. Even though the election will be over before the new lease is made up, Dallin has taken it on himself to make sure that they are aware that by law then can not add the stipulation to the lease. Here is a picture of our lovely sign.
For more information on Prop. 8 please visit this website The most unsettling article on there is about the kindergarten field trip to the gay wedding.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Football, Football, Football

Have I ever mentioned that I love football? Well, just in case I haven't, I love football! I would like to brag about one thing (while it last, who knows what will happen next week). I am #1 for the Sauser Fantasy Football (see below). My family would be so proud!

Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Strk Top PF Back PA Home Away Waiver
1 Orlando Outlaws 4-1-0 .800 0.0 W4 1 560.0 0.0 423.5 3-1-0 1-0-0 6
2 Los Monitos Luchadores 4-1-0 .800 0.0 W2 2 516.7 43.3 454.6 1-1-0 3-0-0 5
3 Irritable Grizzlies 3-2-0 .600 1.0 L1 0 549.1 10.9 484.8 1-1-0 2-1-0 4
4 Taylor's Titans 3-2-0 .600 1.0 W1 0 449.1 110.9 464.9 0-2-0 3-0-0 3
5 The Disemvowelers 2-3-0 .400 2.0 L1 0 455.6 104.4 495.7 1-1-0 1-2-0 2
6 Under Estimated 2-3-0 .400 2.0 L2 1 435.4 124.6 493.5 0-2-0 2-1-0 8
7 Mighty Mucus 1-4-0 .200 3.0 L4 0 422.8 137.2 448.4 1-2-0 0-2-0 1
8 Grief Society 1-4-0 .200 3.0 W1 1 415.2 144.8 538.5 1-2-0 0-2-0 7

I am not sure if you can understand all this mumbo-jumbo, but if you look above to convientently bolded #1 spot you will see the Orlando Outlaws (me of course) leading the pack! I love football!
**WARNING-DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, mention last Sundays game (Cowboys v. Cardinals) to Courtney at any time-WARNING**

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Employment, Marriage, and Disneyland

For those of you who haven't heard, I did finally get a job. I am working a little more than 30 hours a week for an insurance company taking down claims and doing paperwork . I am really enjoying the job, even though it can be pretty depressing at times. The most common claim that I get each day is for Hurricane Ike that hit Texas less than a month ago. Its hard to listen to people stories and not want to fly down right that second to help them out. They love to hear that I am from Florida and have a small idea of what they may be going through. Those who have been through a hurricane would agree that you really can't understand what it feels like unless you have lived through one.

Now that we are both working we have a little more money to save and a little more money to spend and have fun with. I'm happy to say that this move has helped to strengthen our marriage. Instead of going out with friends and having homework to do every night we have time to spend with each other. We have worked extra hard at studying our Scriptures together and working together to make our apartment feel like a home for the little time that we are here. Dallin has tried extra hard to make me happy, because he knows how much I miss home, which I am truly grateful for.

Dallin was asked to fly down for his first business trip to help some other employees prepare for the LEED test (if you remember from an old post this is a test
Dallin took a while back and passed which is a great feat) in the Irvine office. We decided to make a weekend of it and to fly down early together and go to Disneyland. It was a blast to feel like kids again and to have fun just being silly.
We miss you all and hope to see you again soon! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers they can trully be felt!!