Thursday, October 2, 2008

Employment, Marriage, and Disneyland

For those of you who haven't heard, I did finally get a job. I am working a little more than 30 hours a week for an insurance company taking down claims and doing paperwork . I am really enjoying the job, even though it can be pretty depressing at times. The most common claim that I get each day is for Hurricane Ike that hit Texas less than a month ago. Its hard to listen to people stories and not want to fly down right that second to help them out. They love to hear that I am from Florida and have a small idea of what they may be going through. Those who have been through a hurricane would agree that you really can't understand what it feels like unless you have lived through one.

Now that we are both working we have a little more money to save and a little more money to spend and have fun with. I'm happy to say that this move has helped to strengthen our marriage. Instead of going out with friends and having homework to do every night we have time to spend with each other. We have worked extra hard at studying our Scriptures together and working together to make our apartment feel like a home for the little time that we are here. Dallin has tried extra hard to make me happy, because he knows how much I miss home, which I am truly grateful for.

Dallin was asked to fly down for his first business trip to help some other employees prepare for the LEED test (if you remember from an old post this is a test
Dallin took a while back and passed which is a great feat) in the Irvine office. We decided to make a weekend of it and to fly down early together and go to Disneyland. It was a blast to feel like kids again and to have fun just being silly.
We miss you all and hope to see you again soon! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers they can trully be felt!!


Aunt Deitz said...

Sounds like tons of fun. Glad you were able to get away. We are happy that things are going so well for you. Your apartment is darling, by the way.

Take care, Love ya

Margaret and Jason Mair said...

That is so much fun! I know how you feel! Jason is helping me make our house a home and make it feel alot like my home in FL! But I hope all goes well there for you both! Good luck and I miss you! See ya!


becca b said...

Your hair looks fabulous in that love love it.

Glad you're having such a great time and it was great to talk to you the other day!

Mom said...

Yeah, dad and I did the same thing the other day. We took a day off and went to Islands of Adventure. It was a perfect day with no lines, so we hopped from wild ride to wild ride. BIG mistake! We both got sick and came home early to rest and think about how much we used to love the really big roller coasters! Ah . . . youth! With age comes wisdom, but NOT an iron stomach!