Monday, June 1, 2009

my poor husband

I don't have a little time but I have to blog about this. This weekend we went with some friends to their grandparents ranch. Dallin helped put up a fence with Jordan. Becca, the baby and I, however, wouldn't leave the cabin out of fear of being ate alive. There were more mosquitoes then I could have ever imagined and I am from Florida. Well our men risked it to get the fence done and this is what Dallin came home with.
That is just his arm, gross huh? He started to count them and ended up with over 120 on one arm. They also got his other arm, face and back (through two shirts). He said it was worth it though and we had a great time. Thanks for taking us Bodilys!!


Margaret and Jason Mair said...

Sorry Dallin! That is the worst feeling in the world! All I can say is BATH in Calomine lotion! Good luck!!

Teresa, mom, Deitz, Aunt Dee Dee said...

That looks horrible. I hate Mosquitoes!!!!!! I would have stayed indoors too. Smart women! lol

Miquelyn & Dave said...

That's insane!!! Dallin your crazy!

asauser said...

Yucky! You'd think a Minnesota boy would think about wearing bug repellent! You should pick up some of the spray anti-itch stuff, then you won't have to touch it either! Get betters!

asauser said...

Okay, time to dive in and get started! Just jump on and write a post, at least to get Dallin's poor arm off the front! :)