Wednesday, February 17, 2010


On Monday Dallin and I woke up and headed to the doctors office with the hope of finding out if we were having a little boy or girl. The technician spent the first 20 minutes or so doing measurements and checking to make sure the baby was happy and healthy. All was well. The baby was growing right on schedule and everything looked "beautiful" as she put it. However, the next 45 minutes were spent trying to convince our little one to move their legs so that we could pick pink or blue clothes. At the very end of the appointment the technician was about to give up when she got a glimpse of what looks like to be a girl. She decided that since she had that glimpse and nothing else could be seen that her guess would be that baby Sauser is a girl. We are both very excited. I have felt all along that it was going to be a girl. All my hopes and dreams of having a little boy first are down the drain and I don't even care! Photobucket
After our eventful morning, Dallin rushed home to get ready for a second interview for a SWPPP (Storm, Water, and Pollution Prevention Plan) developer position. He was really feeling hopeful for the first time in months that this might be his chance. The company really liked him and offered him the position and he started the next day! We are very excited that he has found a job doing something he will enjoy and one where his degree will actually be useful!
We have felt that even though times have seemed pretty hard lately, we recognize that we have truly been blessed with wonderful family and the gospel of Jesus Christ to get us through those hard times!