Monday, March 21, 2011

Early To Bed

When Dallin and I were married we had a tiny two door focus to move all of our belongings out to lil' ole Rexburg, Idaho. We were young and in love and didn't have a worry in the world. Of course this led to having a two camping chairs in the living room and an inflatable mattress in the bedroom. That lasted for a few months when we finally broke down and bought a mattress. Since then we have bought a few other furniture items and inherited a few others. One thing that we never bought was a bed or a bed frame. For the first couple of years we kept our bed on cinder blocks so that we could have more storage space underneath.

About two months ago I was searching the Internet and found this website. I fell in love with this bed. I showed it to Dallin and he thought it was something we could do. So that weekend we set out to work on it. We finally finished it the week we moved in. I am proud to say that not only did I help, but there wasn't anything that I didn't do.I used the chop saw and the table saw as well as all the other little tools. I am pretty proud of our finished project. Next up, these. We have the materials and we have cut them down. Hopefully we will find time this weekend or next to get them done. We are also refinishing a beautiful armoire my parents gave to us.


becca b said...

How rad! Great job on the bed and yay for the endtables coming up! The picture of O at the top of your blog is awesome. Sounds like you're doing great! (I'll never make fun of you for crying)

Rae said...

congrats on making your house a home! its so much fun!!! nice job on the bed and thanks for the website, i can't wait to make the outdoor benches!