Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh Brother!

I am so proud of all of my little brothers (I purposely call them "little brother" when talking to them even though they are almost all bigger than me)!! So don't mind me while I take a moment to brag...

Brady recently took the ASVAB test (military entrance exam) and scored a 97%! I think anything around 50% is above average. This score will mean that he should be able to have his pick. I am so proud of him. He is also so amazing with Olivia. He is probably the most gentle and sweet with her. He was the most nervous to hold her when she was born but he is really great with her. He talks to her in such a sweet calm voice (which is hard for any Claiborne) and really loves her!

Austin, who is in school right now at BYU, recently got his mission call. All worthy young men are asked to serve a two year mission when they turn 19 for our church to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. Getting the call of where you are going is pretty exciting. For those of you who are not familiar with what this is go here to learn more. Austin invited a few people over to be there when he opened his call and it was a very spiritual experience for all who were in attendance. Austin will be serving the people in the Philippines Manila mission for two years. He leaves July 6th, 2011. He is also great with Olivia. He was the first person who could get her to smile whenever he wanted her to. He misses her while he is away and has told me multiple times to not let her grow while he is gone. I try Austin, I really do!

Garrett is doing great as well. He is playing Volleyball on the Varsity team at his high school. He is such a goofball and can always make me laugh. Again, he is also great with Olivia, however not as sweet and gentle as Brady is. He is more of the "Baby stop crying! Baby knock it off!" (in a stern yet loving voice while rocking her into oblivion). Thinking that she will understand him and perk right up.

Tanner is doing Drama which he is great at as well as la crosse. He is in the prime of his teenage years and can be such a stinker! He also does great with Olivia and loves to hold her when we go out, however, we all think it is just for the attention that he gets from the "ladies". He is the cute little piggy on the left.

Thanks for giving me the time to brag about my handsome, smart, talented, dorky brothers!

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