Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Happenings

Here are a few scattered pictures and happenings of May.

Uncle Brady usually keeps a beard on his face. However, that tends to scare Olivia everytime she sees him. This day however, Brady being the tender hearted uncle that he is, had had enough and decided the beard wasn't worth it so he shaved it off. After that Olivia had no problem being held by him. Here they are as happy as can be.

For mothers day we spent time with each family and had a wonderful time. Here is a picture of Olivia after going swimming at Grandma and Grandpa Claibornes.

Uncle Garrett has started spring training for next years football. He is the place kicker and also plays wide out at times. We took some pictures from that night. I wansn't able to get any good pictures of Garrett out on the field, but here is a picture of him, #80, on the sidelines.

Olivia is getting so big and has been doing so many big girl things. Here she is on the swing.

Olivia turned 11 months old yesterday and here are a few other milestones that she has acheived
Walks (and sometimes runs) all over the place
Waves and blows kisses (sometimes her hand connects with the top of her head, but we get the jist) when someone tells her bye bye
She now has 5 teeth. Three of which just showed up this weekend
Her uncles swear that she has said "doggy", Mommy thinks she says "all done" and "Jesus", and of course Daddy still believes that her first word is "daddy". She probably hasn't said any of those words, but so far that is what we think we hear
She loves to watch other little kids. We have learned to sit in front of families with little kids at church so that she will stay quiet and sit still while she stays entranced by other little ones
She knows how to be "so soft". When someone tells her to be so soft she will pet whatever she was touching, i.e. your face, the dog, the book that she was pounding on
She still sleeps wonderfully taking two great naps during the day and sleeping through the night. She goes to sleep with no issues each time
She will eat just about anything you give her except formula. Since the age of 2 months she refused to drink anything out of a bottle. She finally started to drink "apple juice" (water with a smidge of juice). Around 8 months she refused to nurse. After trying just about anything she finally would take a bottle with whole milk and only if I put some strawberry or chocolate syrup in it
At dinner time she is like a little valture and assumes that everytime we eat she should be fed whatever is on our plate and if we don't feed her quick enough she will sure let you know
She loves to walk around with the crochet blanket that I made her over her head
One of her favorite things to do is climb the stairs
She loves bath time
She loves women, but takes her time to warm up to many men, except dad and both grandpas
She loves to talk on the phone
She has started to growl and thinks it is the funniest thing

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby its HOT outside

Lets face it! We live in Florida and the average between April and October is above 80 (usually above 90) with 100% humidity. I loved this growing up. There was almost never a day that I couldn't go to the beach or play outside. Now that I have been VERY pregnant during those months I can't remember why I ever liked it. However, Olivia is really enjoying it because I take her swimming. She loves my parents pool, because with grandkids in mind, they had a small ledge put in for little ones to sit in the water safely and play. Here are some pictures.

Oh, and did I mention that she is WALKING! She has been taking a few steps here and there for a few weeks, but the day before she turned 10 months she just started to take off! I can't believe I have a child who walks. I am loving the last few months and the stage she is in, but I wouldn't have complained if she waited a little longer to actually walk. Oh well!