Sunday, September 4, 2011

What does a sheep say? - Aaa

Olivia loves animals so last weekend we decided to take a trip to the Oakland zoo. We had such a fun time that we decided to get a year pass.

They had a petting zoo area where we were able to pet some goats and kitty cats. When you ask O what a goat, donkey or sheep says her answer is "Aaaa". She also will say "booofff" for dogs and cows. (we are working on it)

 She couldn't decide if she was beyond happy or scared to death, but in the end she didn't want to leave, because she couldn't get enough them.

 I think all of our favorites by far were the spider monkeys. They were definitely in the mood to entertain and were putting on a great show.
 We rode the sky ride and were able to get a birds eye view of some of the park.

 By the end we were all happy and tired. Some more so than others.
I think we will be heading back tomorrow!