Wednesday, May 23, 2012

California Beaches

In April, a friend of mine called and invited us to the beach. I figured I could lay on the beach and get some sun just as easily as I could lay on my couch so I grabbed our swim suits and Olivia and I headed out.

Olivia loves the beach, and every time we venture out of the house the first thing she asks is "Water Beach? Water Beach?". Her favorite part is the sand (which I hate). She loves to dig in it and throw it around. It really surprises me because she hates to have dirty hands. As soon as we are ready to leave she has to have them wiped off clean and spotless.

I was able to get some pictures of her with the city in the background.

The beaches here in Northern Cali are not like the ones that I am missing in Florida, but they help fill a little hole in my heart.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Functioning Once Again

Yes, I know I have been A.W.O.L. The truth is I am pregnant and have been very sick :(. After 20ish weeks and some heavy medication I am back to functioning mode. I still have my bad days and my injured tailbone doesn't want to let me out of the woods, but I am happy to be back on my feet.

We are very excited about our little bun in the oven. I was determined that it was a little boy and had started to get quite excited and Dallin (probably just to bug me) was just as determined that it was a little girl, again.Well, Dallin won, and we couldn't be happier. We are having another little GIRL! Not only are we excited about the lower cost that the same gender will bring, but we are both excited that Olivia will have a little sister, who will hopefully take after her dad again and be another angel. Now we just need to agree on a name (wish us luck).

Although I was sick in bed for the last 4 1/2 months life continued. Dallin, was called as the 11 year old scout leader and seems to enjoy his time with the boys. He is still loving his job, and I have very impressed with how well they have been treating him and our family. I served in Young Women's until recently and now work with the 6 year olds in Primary. We both love our ward. I have loved the opportunity that I have had to be a stay at home mom and couldn't ask for a better "job". Olivia is growing like a weed and no matter how hard I try to get her to stop she just keeps on going. We have all been adjusting to our lives in California quite easily, although we miss family and friends back home terribly. We all try each weekend to venture out and try something new in this new city.

I have about a billion pictures that I would like to post, but I won't do that all in one post. I will start back at the beginning and work my way up.

On one of my good days we ventured out of the house to meet up with my friend Ellen, and her daughter Lyla (Olivia's best friend). We headed over to Ardenwood Farms, a cute petting zoo right here in town. The girls had a great time running around and observing the animals and other little kids. The mom's had just as much fun gabbing and catching up. Olivia and Lyla love to play with each other and there is almost not a day that goes by that Olivia doesn't ask "Lyla play? Please Mama. Lyla Play?"