Monday, September 24, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We were finally given the go ahead on Friday to come home from the hospital. Cathrynn's levels had gone down enough to come home as long as we visited her pediatrician the next day. It was so wonderful to be home with both my girls and to have some privacy for once. We headed to the pediatricians the next day and was instructed to go back to the hospital to have a few more tests done to make sure that her levels hadn't rebounded. So after a few hours of waiting to the results to come back in we were told that she rebounded up about 4 points. The doctor told us that it was enough to need to get her tested again on Monday to find out if it was going to continue to climb. He are once again just waiting to get the results back.

Other than that Cathrynn is doing wonderful. She is just such a happy content baby. Olivia still thinks the world of her and has taken on the role of her protector (at least when she herself is not accidentally sitting on her head). When I burp Cathrynn she tends to get a bit unhappy, because of that Olivia will run over, instruct me to be "so soft" and try to kiss her back to make her feel better.

I asked Dallin how it feels to be the dad of two little girls and he says two feels much different than one. I, however, don't notice much of a difference. Either way, we both love it and are learning to adjust quickly.

On our way to the hospital

Meeting big sister for the first time

First bath

Snuggle time before hitting the lights

Under the lights

Wearing her cool sunglasses

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