Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Time out, Naps, Potty Training and Halloween

 Here is a quick run down of our month so far!

 Olivia has had a few moments in time out. This day she got quiet after a few minutes and I found her sound asleep.
Can you find the children?

Olivia has been a champ a potty training.

Olivia experience her first pumpkin carving. She loved it and even got her hands dirty! 
 At one point in the night I looked over to find Olivia sitting with the pumpkin top on her head.
 This was Cathrynn's contribution to the night.
We recently had our ward trunk or treat. Olivia had a great time running around with her best friend Lyla.

Yes, she is wearing the same costume as last year. However, she only wore it in Florida and I just had a baby, I had to make a costume for her and help Dallin with his, so that's my excuse.

Joe Dirt, Miss Mummy and Dorothy

 Oh and I made Olivia this cute trick or treat bag.
Each year Dallin's office chooses a theme for Halloween, like this one. This year they all chose the theme of Mullet. Don't ask me where they came up with this, but boy was he excited. Everyone is going to wear a wig, but Dallin wouldn't have that. He insisted that I give him extensions.
At the end of the night we realized that I wasn't in a single picture so I quickly had Dallin take one of me with my girls.


Bailey and Keylan Kado said...

I love your family!! they are so cute!! happy halloween!! im glad you are surviving with two kids! im a little scared!

Bailey and Keylan Kado said...
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