Thursday, December 20, 2012

3 Months Old

My little girl is already 3 months old.
At her 2 month check up she weighed 11 lbs 5 oz.(50th percentile) and she was 23 1/4 inches tall (70th percentile). Since then I am sure she has gain more weight and just keeps getting taller. She will probably be long and lean like her big sister. 
 She is currently sleeping 5-7 hours at night (not as good as her sister, but I'll take it.) She rarely is found crying and loves to smile (unless the camera is out). Her Dad and I are pretty sure she let out her first giggle last night. She loves to coo and is trying really hard to sit up. She loves to take baths, so much so that I am sure she wil try extra hard to make sure she NEEDS one at least once a day. She can't get enough of her big sister. She and her pacifier are never far apart. She has discovered her hands and is starting to reach for some things. She still has almost no hair.
 I love being a mom to these two beautiful, amazing girls. I just wish I could freeze time.

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