Monday, May 20, 2013


We were lucky enough to be able to join an Easter Egg Hunt that our friends the Tillmans put on. We had so much fun watching all the kids enjoy the hunt. Olivia was in heaven with all the friends and all the fun. Thanks so much Tillmans for inviting us! Also, thanks to the Hardings, and Alonzos for making it even more fun!

 The Gang of Kids! Poor Owen was the only boy and the youngest. He learned quick though!
 The three amigos. I don't think there is a day that goes by that I don't hear Abby's name or Lyla's name. Olivia sure loves those two friends.
Later that night we hid both Olivia and Cathrynn's baskets from the Easter Bunny inside. I took Olivia in her bedroom and we soon heard some thumping noises coming from out in the hall. I quickly told her who I thought was in our home and what he was doing there. She was pretty frightened at first (duh, mom, why wouldn't she be scared? I call that a teaching moment for me.), but after discovering what was left for her she quickly decided that Easter Bunny was her friend after all. She then helped Cathrynn find her basket and sweetly helped her discover her treasures as well. She is such an amazing big sister.

The next day we spent (as well as the Monday before for FHE) a lot of time on the purpose of Easter. Olivia was very saddened by the idea of Jesus dying, but her favorite part of the story to tell was when "He lived again and came out of the cave". When we picked her up from nursery that day her leaders made sure to let me know that she knew all the answers for the lesson that day and they were very impressed.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter. I know we sure did and felt the spirit of the Holiday very strongly.

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