Wednesday, May 22, 2013

School Time

Since Cathrynn has been super good at her nap schedule during the day, I decided that I could create a simple schedule for Olivia. I wanted to give her some quiet things to do while CC was asleep, as well as give her something to look forward to each day. Our days consist of all the regular things and I added in "School Time" "Mommy One-on-One Time" and "Quiet Time".

We have been working on doing different age appropriate school activities. Olivia seems to love school time and asks "Is it school time yet?" almost everyday. I have learned that she is much more capable than I gave her credit for.

Here are some of the things we have done.

We have been working on her letters. So far she has made it through the letter "I".
We play games to teach turn taking and good sportsmanship. She loves the memory game. Sometimes I paste letters on the front of the pictures and she has to match those up.
Mixing Colors
After using chalk for various things, we decided to "paint" with water.
We have also worked on opposites, gardening, movement, various worksheets, and many other things.

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