Saturday, July 20, 2013

No Place Like The Beach

The beach has been calling my name since last summer ended. Here in northern California the "beaches" don't always have great beach weather. This summer I made Dallin promise that if the weather looked good we would drop everything and head out so I could get my "sun medicine". We have taken advantage of it a few times this summer already and it has been so nice to see my girls enjoy a past time of mine that I loved so much.

Olivia begged me to make her into a sand mermaid
She would just bury her whole body in the sand if we would let her

I told Dallin that I wanted him to dig a hole, put a shower curtain liner in it and fill it with water so the girls could have their own little swimming pool. After convincing him I wasn't crazy and the girls would love it he got to work.

The girls were in heaven. So many people stopped by to admire our pool. Dallin agrees that we may have to do this every time we go.

We have also visited the pool a few times to cool off from the summer heat.

Cathrynn was so excited and had so much fun that she eventually just conked out.

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