Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quick Re-cap

Due to traveling, sicknesses, and preparing to move, I have fallen behind on this blog. Here is a quick re-cap of a few things we have been up to (minus a few key events).

We had a blast celebrating our country's birthday.
Olivia started Ballet this year and couldn't get enough of it. I won't go as far as to say we have a star in the making but she loved being able to move her little body around and making new friends.

We sold our yellow focus. To this day Olivia will remind me how much she misses "Daddy's yellow car" every time she sees on that looks similar.

We spent as much time with friends as we could.
 We visited San Diego and was able to experience the Mormon Battalion Museum.

Halloween is quickly becoming my most loved and hated holidays of the year. This year Olivia was a chicken, CC was a sheep and Dallin and I were farmers.